Fire Alert WES+

An innovative fire safety and evacuation system for construction sites

FireAlert Wes+ is an innovative construction fire safety and evacuation system to protect personnel, materials and buildings on construction sites. The system is mobile and wireless, providing a cost effective, effective and practical fire prevention solution that can be applied at any location. FireAlert Wes+ has an EN54 certificate, CE marked and complies with all major fire safety guidelines. The aim of FireAlert Wes+ system is to give the workforce the earliest possible warning of fire, allowing the maximum time to escape and to call the fire and emergency services if required. This early alert can reduce the risk of injury as well as providing more time to restrain fire spread, minimising damage and financial loss.

This proven FireAlert system is a mobile and wireless fire alarm, with long battery life delivering a cost-efficient, effective and practical fire prevention solution. Quickly and easily deployed at any location, FireAlert® Wes+ is EN54 compliant, has a CE mark and meets all important construction fire safety guidelines and legislation.

Advantages of VPS FireAlert Wes+

  • No wiring required

  • 3 year battery life

  • Flexible, practical and reliable - the system can easily be adjusted as construction progresses

  • The units can be reused on future projects

  • Real-time system monitoring: each unit monitors itself (battery, signal, etc.)

  • When a FireAlert Wes+ unit is triggered, the entire zone will be alerted minimising the risk of material damage and injury to personnel.


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FireAlert Wes+ products:

FireAlert Wes+ is a coherent system that consists of different units. In the meantime, the system can easily be expanded or shrunk if, for example, construction is progressing.

Warning unit
The warning device is the primary device of the FireAlert Wes+ product range. The unit is equipped with a fire alarm siren, a strobe (optional) and a fire alarm for activating the alarm.

Wireless smoke and heat detectors
The wireless smoke and heat detectors are connected directly to the FireAlert Wes+ system, so that an automatic notification is given in case of fire. For maximum operation in dusty building environments, we offer a dust-proof smoke detector.

FireAlert Wes+ interfaceFireAlert
The interface makes it possible to connect external devices to the FireAlert Wes+ system. In case of fire, safety measures can be taken in, for example, lifts, tourniquets and access control systems.

Coupling unit
The Coupling Unit is a simple and cost-effective way to expand the FireAlert Wes+ system in large, extended locations. The device acts as an extension: As soon as the Link Unit is connected to existing units, geographically separated parts of a site are linked together.

Base station
The Base Station provides comprehensive system reporting and configuration. When an alarm is activated, the device is immediately detected by the Base Station. The activities of the entire FireAlert Wes+ system can be monitored through the Base Station.

FireAlert Wes+ app
The FireAlert® app (for Android tablets) provides complete wireless fire alarm reporting and provides flexible system configuration. This makes it very easy to make fire safety reports. The app makes it possible to export weekly data to a PDF or Excel file or send by email.

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