Fraoch Scotland Ltd is proud to offer a complete range of security services throughout the UK. Proudly partnered with JCB and VPS to offer top of the line Rapid Deployment CCTV solutions. Also offering static and mobile officers plus key holding and alarm response solutions. We are experienced in providing security guard services to a range of industries including the corporate sector, construction sites, retail establishments, industrial warehouses and one off events.

Whether you need temporary one day cover or a long term solution.

Static & Mobile security

At Fraoch, we undertake manned guarding contracts across the UK and deploy fully licensed, highly trained security officers on single or multiple sites for a diverse range of market sectors and clients. Mobile patrols can provide a cost effective alternative to having a physical security presence outside of business hours.

jcb Rapid deployment CCTV

Fraoch has the UK’s leading range of stand-alone, fully integrated, rapidly deployable, mobile CCTV site security solutions with the JCB Smart Tower. You can have peace of mind on your premises, as we understand how important it is to deliver a cost-effective solution without compromising on protection.

Drone Survey                 

Aerial surveys help us assess how best to protect you and you assets and can provide you with a view of your project like no other. Also aerial inspections significantly reduce costs by eliminating the need for abseiling teams, cranes, scaffolding, permits to close roads, paths and all other associated set up costs.


We are also proud partners with SmartWater® who are an international crime fighting and crime prevention company with an established track record for detecting and deterring criminal activity. SmartWater® uses an extremely robust form of nanotechnology to encrypt data, with water being the application medium.

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