Man Guarding Feedback Survey

As a company we strive to provide our clients with a service that is first class. To that aim we greatly appreciate our client’s comments, and suggestions as to how we may improve our service. We therefore would be grateful if you could take a few moments to complete the following.

CCTV Feedback Survey *
CCTV Feedback Survey
1. Do you feel our Guard's timekeeping is of a high standard?
2. Do you feel our Guard's appearance is of a high standard?
3. Do you feel that our guard's attitude and approach to your staff is of a high standard?
4. Do you feel that Guard's ability to effectively communicate information written and verbally is of an acceptable level?
5. Does the Guard show ability and effectiveness of the undertaking of his duties?
6. Do you feel the standard of communication between yourself and Fraoch is of a high standard?
7. Do you feel that the frequency of contact with 8. Fraoch company management is sufficient?
8. Do you feel the support given by Fraoch Scotland is of a high standard?
9. Do you fell you have been offered and been provided with the correct service package to suit your needs?
10. Our mission is “To establish Fraoch (Scotland) Ltd as the leading provider of security services in our chosen market sectors. We will achieve this by delivering innovative and quality solutions to our clients through committed staff and effective supplier relationships”- Please score us on how you measure us against our mission statement.
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