SIA ACS Accreditation September 2017

We are delighted to announce that this year’s annual audit has just been completed by the SSIAB on our systems, documentation and standards. The results of which testify we have maintained our position as one of the leading security company’s in our category in Scotland and the UK.

Recent changes by the SIA to the requirement standard saw us improve on last year’s achievement and they also awarded Fraoch with two good practice awards.

This clearly shows that the company’s hard work and professionalism is reflexed in the quality of service and products we use.


Security Update

With the lighter nights and better weather in the past few weeks, we have seen an increase of activity on our all of our sites throughout the UK. On each occasion our camera systems have detected, monitored and deterred each time. With our average response time of only 4 minutes by our dedicated staff and with our priority police response, officers have been at sites within 10 minutes. Thanks to the quick response and committed staff here at Fraoch and at our response centre at VPS, sites have remained secure and issues / loses have been successfully averted. To find out how we can help protect you contact us on 0141 637 2400.



Ranked top 2% in UK.

Fraoch Scotland Ltd based in the Southside of Glasgow have been awarded top marks by the Security Industry Authority, making them one of the top 2% in the whole of the UK in the company’s category of their size.  Fraoch are a reputable security provider throughout Scotland and the U.K and have been doing so for the last fifteen years, currently providing various security services to some of the U.K’s major house builders, construction companies, housing associations & demolition companies.

The Private Security Industry Act 2001 requires the SIA (security Industry Authority) to establish a "system of inspection for providers of security services, under which those organisations who satisfactorily meet the agreed standards may be registered as approved, and may advertise themselves as such". Fraoch Scotland Ltd first achieved the standard of approval in 2010 and each year after has continued to improve its score. This year after their annual inspection by the SSIAB, they have been awarded a score that elevates them into the top 2% of all companies in the UK for their size.

Managing Director - Jonathan Peberdy said “It is great to know that the hard work we have put in over the last 15 years and especially this last year has been recognised. We have always strived to provide the highest standards of service to our clients and will continue to do so in the future.”

Fraoch Scotland Ltd is licensed to provide SIA trained & accredited officers, 24 hour Key Holding services, alarm response and are one of the biggest providers of the JCB Smart Towers in Scotland, providing a fully integrated, rapid deployed CCTV systems.

Last year Fraoch partnered with one of the UK’s leading crime fighting and crime prevention companies SmartWater® who provide the first national traceable liquid programme in Scotland in conjunction with Police Scotland.

General Manager – David Carney said “We as a company, work hard to offer new and innovate services to our clients such as SmartWater or even aerial surveys using a drone. This is what keeps us at the foremost of the industry and what sets us apart.”