Is your site ready for the dark nights ahead?


Dark Nights - Temporary CCTV Security Protection

Check lighting on the site:

Check to see if there is sufficient lighting on-site that lights the work areas for people to work safely. Bring in extra lighting if necessary, or introduce extra floodlights as part of the Safety Alert, a way to draw attention to the added risks of the end of daylight saving.

If you are using timers for the lighting, or arranging them to be turned on manually, ensure the timers are brought inline with the daylight saving changes. Turning them on before dusk again raises the alert and awareness.

Stay ahead with Improved Safety and Security:

If you haven’t already, consider installing CCTV or video-verified camera systems, which not only protect a site from intruders and unauthorised trespassers, but also provides a safety audit for the site, and helps encourage preventative interventions before an incident occurs.

To reduce opportunist crime, check your perimeter:

Inspect all fencing and access points thoroughly, and check them regularly. Rectify any detected weaknesses or tampered areas immediately. Sometimes you are too close to your own site to see the wood for the trees – Fraoch Scotland Ltd can offer a free assessment and review of your safety and security.

The JCB SmartTower

The JCB Smart Tower ® is a rapidly deployable CCTV solution, it can see in the dark and operate 24/7 without a break - something that conventional security guards can't do. The JCB Smart Tower is a fully monitored solution, supported by our accredited monitoring station. That means that not only will we respond as soon as an issue is detected but we can also verbally warn any intruders on site via the on-board loudspeaker system.

No matter what challenges your site may have, Fraoch Scotland Ltd’s technologies ensure that putting cost effective security in place will not be one of them.

For further information or to arrange a free assessment and review of your project go to or call on 0141 637 2400.